Worthing International Birdman Flyers Results 2014

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Worthing International Birdman 2014 Jackpot Prize - Ron Freeman

After 31 years of trying, a Birdman has finally achieved a flight over 100m, as the crow flies from the platform to win the jackpot!

Tony Hughes flew 116.3m - the first man to achieve a flight on the jackpot line over 100m, but minutes later Ron Freeman soared to an amazing 159.4m securing the £10,000 prize fund - Great flying from both aviators.

Worthing International Birdman 2014 Results Condor Class

Condor Saturday

Forward Distance (Jackpot) Actual Distance Time In Air Points
Kevin Smith 52.5m 60m 8.6 secs 8
Tony Hughes 116.3m 117.1m 13.9 secs 10
Ron Freeman 159.4m 159.8m 16.6 secs 12


Condor Sunday

Forward Distance (Jackpot) Actual Distance Time In Air Points
Kevin Smith 59.6m 82.2m 12.1 secs 8
Tony Hughes 42.9m 205.5m 19.8 secs 12
Ron Freeman 72.4m 168.2m 20.0 secs 12

Competition places

  • Joint 1st - Tony Hughes / Ron Freeman (Prize Pot £1150)
  • 3rd Place - Kevin Smith (Prize Money £300)


The Condor Winner is determined by a points system for the distance travelled over the 2 days of the competition and by performing consistently well on both days of the event.


Worthing International Birdman 2014 Results Leonardo Class

Leonardo Saturday

Forward Distance (Jackpot) Actual Distance Time In Air
Thomas Bateman 4.6m 8.4m 1.3 secs
Edward Ling 7.1m 13.4m 1.5 secs
Sean Frawley 61.8m 76.1m 11.54 secs


Leonardo Sunday

Forward Distance (Jackpot) Actual Distance Time In Air
Edward Ling 7.9m 8.3m 1.2 secs
Sean Frawley 5.7m 6.8m 1.2 secs

Competition places

  • Winner - Sean Frawley (Prize Money £750)
  • 2nd Place - Edward Ling (Prize Money £400)
  • 3rd Place - Thomas Bateman (Prize Money £300)


The Leonardo Winner is again determined by a points system for the distance travelled over the 2 days of the competition.

Worthing International Birdman 2014 Results Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher Saturday

  • Winner - Joel Hicks / Andy Dunlop (Prize Money £500)
  • 2nd Place - Steven Pieralisi / Philippe Corneau (Prize Money £250)


Kingfisher Sunday

  • Winner - Mark Roberts / Nicholas Roberts (Prize Money £500)
  • 2nd Place - Damien Hodgson / Paul Southwood (Prize Money £250)


The points for the Kingfisher Class include markings for the Costume and performance as well as the distance travelled.

Longest Time In The Air - 2014

Longest time was shared - with 0.2 seconds between it and needed judges review so Tony and Ron agreed to share, so joint winners. (Prize pot approx £250)

Overall Birdman - 2014 - Tony Hughes

Overall Birdman is for longest flight - Tony Hughes 205.5m (Prize money £1000)

Derek Trotman 'Spirit Of The Birdman' - 2014 - Jim Cunliffe

An new addition to the awards ceremony, is the Derek Trotman 'Spirit Of The Birdman'. This award commemorates a man who became the spirit of Birdman both in Bognor and also in Worthing. Derek unfortunately left us earlier in 2014, but his contribution to the event will never be forgotted. Without Derek, the competition would have never come to Worthing and so in memory of a great man, the Derek Trotman Trophy will be awarded for the first time in 2014.

The criteria for winning the trophy will be someone who reflects the 'Spirit of the Birdman' and candidates will need to demonstrate:


  • Good team spirit
  • Willingness to help others
  • Contribution to the overall wellbeing of the competitors and crews
  • A birdman role model
  • Have a focus on Charity as well as having fun.


This years Derek Trotman Trophy is awarded to Jim Cunliffe - For his dedication to the Worthing Birdman event. Nothing is too much trouble. His gives his time and passion free every year and deserves to be recognised for the huge contribution he makes.

Leonardo Da Vinci Class

  • Sean Frawley
  • Tony Hughes
  • Edward Ling
  • Thomas Bateman
  • Thomas Lines

Condor Class

  • Tony Hughes
  • Kevin Smith
  • Ron Freeman


Benchmark Jumpers

  • Sally Hayler
  • Brad Lade
  • Emma Crane
  • Colin Piper

Kingfisher Class

  • Della Main
  • Gemma Pickett
  • Megan Pacey
  • Regatta Journalist
  • Simon McWilton
  • Steven Pieralisi /
    Philipe Comeau
  • Joyanne Williamson
  • Paul Hillen
  • Joel Hicks / 
    Andy Dunlop
  • Stu Cook /
    Victoria Natarajan
  • Elspeth Cloake /
    Kenny Park
  • Hollie Puttock /
    Louise Stevenson (DNF)
  • Nicky Ledger /
    Daniel Ledger
  • Daniel Gilmore /
    Kit Bradshaw 

Kingfisher Class

  • Arthur Gajewski
  • Vanessa Sharp /
    Laura Mulhem
  • Laura Scott
  • James Marren
  • Damien Hodgson /
    Paul Southwood
  • Andrew Riley-Watson /
    Fergus deWitt
  • Elaine Sinclair /
    Chris Niall
  • Mark Roberts /
    Nicholas Roberts
  • William Stonebridge /
    Brendan McNama
  • Terry Haley
  • Rob West (DNF)
  • Martyn Archer /
    Kieran McLoughlin
  • Jason Cartwright /
    Sam Fletcher

 DNF = Did Not Fly

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