Worthing International Birdman 2010 Results Condor Class

Competition places

  • 1st Toby Quantrill Sat 29.8 Metres Sun 81 Metres
  • 2nd Ron Freeman Sat 26.5 Metres Sun 36.1 Metres
  • 3rd Roger Warren Sat 14.1Metres Sun 22 Metres

The Condor Winner is determined by a points system for the distance travelled over the 2 days of the competition and by performing consistently well on both days of the event.

Leonardo Da Vinci Class

Competition Places

  • 1st Dr Bill Brooks Sat 20.2 Metres Sun 23.4 Metres
  • 2nd  Sean Frawley Sat DNF Sun 32.5 Metres
  • 3rd Ryan Williams Sat 14.2 Metres 13.1 Metres

The Leonardo Winner is again determined by a points system for the distance travelled over the 2 days of the competition. Again the 2009 Winner Dr Bill Brooks retained his crown.

Kingfisher Class

Competition Places

  • 1st Paul Kearney
  • 2nd Eliane Sinclair & Chris Niall

The points for the Kingfisher Class include markings for the Costume and performance as well as the distance travelled.

Longest Time in the Air

  • Toby Quantrill 9.93 Seconds

This prize is for the aviator who manages to stay airborne longest over the 2 days of the event.

Funniest Birdman Moment

The judges sat to discuss the weekend’s event and by a unanimous vote the funniest birdman moment was:

  • Eddie the Eagle Edwards Skiing off Worthing Pier

Furthest Flight over the 2 days and Overall Birdman Winner

This prize is awarded to the furthest flight over the 2 days of the competion.

  • Toby Quantrill 81 Metres

DNF = Did Not Fly

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